Глобальный Народ !!!
Книга - Сценарий... (В дороботке...) Мой Ж.Ж....! Про меня..! Мои статьи, которые никогда не опубликуют... !!! Фото-Обои... Всё, по этой теме...!!! Сайты моих друзей...! Технологии Будущего!!! "Мягкие Резервуары" Для заказов по Израилю и по вопросам, обращаться сюда: Открытия и Изобретения... English Вопрос...?

Глобалисты Всех Стран, Объеденяйтесь !!!

On this page, I bring to your attention selection of the most detailed information on a theme of Globalization and Anti-Globalization!!! The ideas, clauses on this and concerning Globalization themes!
Inventions, technologies, hi-teck and your attention is presented products of "Technology of the Future" - It''''s a "Soft Tank" or (FlexiTank)
A policy, economy, religion and psychology, the same as also other aspects of our, further peaceful co-existence on a planet the Earth!!! All references, clauses, materials, video, a photo documents and other resources are constantly updated! On pages of this site I have decided to publish the optimistically-fantastic the book-script, in which are connected all the forgotten lessons of history and a reality of our present, a guess and knowledge of our ancestors and modern achievements of a science and medicine! It is one more imagination about ours not far, is optimistical-possible the further.

Lex Zugo

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